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Speaker Cable SC-Twincord 225 Sommer

SKU Code: GRF-0172
SKU Code: GRF-0172
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  0 | 0 reviews
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Transparency is called for...not only for the jacket material, but also for sound transmission between HiFi-amplifiers and speakers. The SC-Twincord is a reasonable, but very dependable speaker cable with high quality copper and more dense stranding than the standard cable.

It also has a somewhat harder jacket material, so that it can be installed very easily, e.g. under your carpet or in areas of your apartment that are difficult to access.

The professional sound technician or soundman uses the SC-Twincord for fixed installation or for interior wiring of racks and speaker systems.


  • Good & reasonably priced
  • Very flat and easy to install due (memory) effect
  • Plus pin identification by a coloured strip


  • Dependable, long-life hifi cable;
  • Interior wiring of racks and HiFi Loudspeakers;
  • Permanent installation in buildings, recording studios

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