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Digital Sound Processor ALMA 24 ECLER

SKU Code: GRF-0110
SKU Code: GRF-0110
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ALMA24 ALMA24 is a digital loudspeaker manager including 2 audio inputs and 4 audio oputputs, USB interface and 2 volume remote control ports (0-10VDC).

ALMA24 is a 1RU stand-alone processor, meanwhile ALMAcard is its card plug-in interface version, compatible with the DPA amplifier series (it is inserted into its rear panel interface card bay).

Both units come to complete, together with the ALMA26 model, the ALMA series

Key features:

2 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs, all balanced
24 bits / 48 kHz DSP processing
2 REMOTE ports for inputs or outputs remote volume management using WPm or compatible wall panels (0-10 VDC)
USB interface and EclerCOMM Manager compatibility (free download)
DSP processing:
GAIN, MUTE, POLARITY, etc., per input or output
8 parametric EQ filters per input / 8 parametric EQ filters per output
Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley or Bessel Crossover filters at inputs and outputs (up to 48 dB / oct)
Inputs and outputs delay
Peak compressor / limiter at inputs, including make-up gain
Peak compressor / limiter at inputs, including make-up gain
RMS compressor / limiter at outputs, including make-up gain
2 LINK groups (output channels link)
System templates to create user configurations:
T1: 2 x 1 way stereo
T2: 2 way stereo
T3: 4 way mono
T4: 4 mono outputs (1:4 splitter)
20 user Presets
Labels’ edition (inputs, outputs, presets and device)
Password protection system


Permanent installation management system
Live sound. Monitor management
Stereo bi or bi-amped general applications


WPm series, volume remote control panels

Input impedance:
>20k electronically balanced
>55dB (20Hz ÷ 20kHz)
Input connector:
XLR3 female
<10Hz ~ 20kHz
< 0.0028% (1kHz, 1Vrms)
-36 / +12dBV
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